We love your... Porsche Hemi Corvette Mustang Camero

Some of the Brands owners bring us for Performance Auto Service

Camaro, Corvette, and LS


You know that Chevy has a long performance tradition. Corvette, Camaro, and everything that has an LS swap! We love the LS and all things Chevrolet. From the newest C8 to the C1, we have helped Corvette owners with maintenance, repairs, restoration, and modification. We love Camaros too! Track setup, exhaust systems, maintenance and repair… We help you keep your ride in top shape. We use OEM or genuine GM parts as you prefer.

Ponies and raptors


From the early Shelby’s to modern Mustang’s, Rousch Raptos, and GT’s, we work with Ford owners to have fun and get the most from their vehicles. We provide owners with track support, suspension setup, maintenance, repair, tuning, and modifications. Visit Torqqe to learn more about what we can do for owners of the oval. We use OEM or genuine Ford parts as you prefer.

Yeah, it's a hemi


We love HEMI’s and all things MOPAR. Classic to modern, Challengers, Chargers, even Neon SRT’s, we are proud to serve all MOPAR owners and their rides. We provide MOPAR owners with track support, suspension setup, exhaust upgrades, mechanical restoration, maintenance, repairs, custom engine builds, and more. 

passionate german engineering


We have been around Porsche’s since birth. Porsche is one of our passions at Torqqe. We serve Porsche owners, from classic and air cooled, to modern GT cars. We provide owners with track support, suspension setup and alignment, maintenance, repair, modification, mechanical restoration and more. With our extensive Porsche expirence and a factory traned Porsche technician on the crew, we are proud to have Porsche owners in the shop. Torqqe is a proud sponsor of the Hill Country Region, Porsche Club of America.

British Design


So few shops are capable of serving Jaguar owners who want things done right. At Torqqe we love Jaguar and have the experience and team to take your loved Jaguar and keep it in, or bring it back, to peak performance. We serve clasic Jaguar owners, including the 1980’s, to modern machines with mechanical restoration, maintenance, repair, and performance modification.

More Brands We Love


Precision. Passion. We have the skills and love of German engineering to serve BMW owners.


With outstanding performance and modification potential, Nissan and Infiniti owners are always welcome.


With Ferrari trained staff, and race experience, we love Ferrari owners and know how to meet their needs.


From the everyday to an R8, we love Audi owners and their vehicles.


Such a unique platform with unlimited potential, we love Maserati and Maserati owners.


Nothing but the best for passionate Mercedes owners, we are here for you.