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Information that not every shop posts.

To serve passionate performance owners, we deploy leading technology and hire the best technicians. 

Torqqe is not your average shop. Our technicians are some of the most capable available. Our technology is leading-edge, and we provide a world-class experience to performance owners.

Unlike some automotive shops, our team is well compensated for their work. Team members receive paid time off and a complete benefits package, including access to affordable health care. Of course, this commitment to the team has a cost. Still, it also provides passionate performance owners with the best technicians and tools available.

If you are looking for the lowest price, Torqqe is not your shop. 

If you want exceptional service or perhaps a solution where others have failed, schedule an appointment for a fair and honest price. Unfortunately, few shops are as upfront about pricing. We believe passionate performance owners know what it means to get what they pay for.

What is your passion?

Torqqe Performance exists to serve passionate performance owners.
Passion. Performance.

Delivery Models

When Torqqe serves passionate owners we work in one of three modes of operation, depending on the owner’s needs.

Fixed Fee Services

The "traditional" car service model, where a shop quotes you a price for a given scope. The price should only change if there is a change to the scope that was unforeseen, like additional damage or something else being wrong with the vehicle. If the actual time to complete the job is more than quoted the customer does not pay more.

Time & Materials

In this mode the actual time spent and parts used for a job are closely tracked. This is the most fair to both a shop and customer when the scope of the job is unknown or cannot be predicted accurately. Actual productive time and parts used are billed to the customer. "Productive time" is just a fancy way of saying we don't bill customers for non-value add time, like a technician learning a new tool or having to redo something.

Project Delivery

If the work to be done to your vehicle is large or will take a number of weeks to complete, Torqqe uses a project delivery model. With this mode you enter into a contract (statement of work) with Torqqe that describes the scope of the project. Each month Torqqe invoices for actual parts purchased and progress completed.

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