Performance Alignment &
Chassis Setup

Performance Alignment is essential to your success.

Performance Alignment

With unparrerlled accuracy and capability, the only laser, 3D, "Touchless" system in Texas.

Chasis Setup

Experience on and off the track, Torqqe knows how to get the most from your vehicle.

Learn more about what your vehicle can do with a Performance Alignment.

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Performance Alignment

The Only 3D Laser "Touchless" Alignment System in Texas
Exceptional accuracy, combined with decades of expirence give you the best setup available.
Factory Specification or Custom Setups
We can handle whatever you need including track specific setups.
Unique Geometries
Custom suspension components? No problem.

We take pride in our work and do it right. Our technicians are experienced in all types of alignments. Before fancy technology we could do it with string, but with our Beissbarth Touchless system we do everything from stock spec to race setups, all while never touching your wheels. Whether your vehicle is a daily driver, weekend street toy, or full on race car, we have what you need.

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Torqqe Performance Precision Alignment - Beissbarth Touchless Performance Alignment Head

Unparalleled Accuracy
German Engineering
No Risk to Wheels

Welcome to the Future

Essential to Performance

Chasis Setup

For The Track

Torqqe can provide chassis setup for race and track cars.

For The Street

Let Torqqe find the balance between performance on spirited weekend drives and the daily.