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Auto Repair

Passionate drivers sometimes break things.

When you drive to your full potential, sometimes things break and you need performance auto repair. We repair anything needed to get you back on the road. 

You know the importance of keeping performance vehicles at their peak. Routine maintenance and following manufacturer suggested maintenance schedules are critical. Torqqe helps.

Auto Service

Fluids, belts, brake pads... Anything you need to keep operating at peak performance.

Torqqe keeps you on schedule.

Follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan.

Perofrmance Auto Service


Torqqe offers a wide selection of oils for demanding owners including: Redline, Motul, Liqui Moly, & Mobile 1. We complete all kinds of oil changes from the simple to the most complex procedures on unique vehicles. 


Automatic or manual, we service and repair all kinds of transmissions. Filters, fluid, oil, or whatever you need for your performance vehicle transmission.


From “spirited” street driving to the track, we serve passionate owners with brake flushes, brake pads, and rotors to meet the most demanding applications. 


From air, cabin, fuel, or whatever filter you need, Torqqe keeps it all clean.


We work with passionate owners to source the best tires for you and ensure they are installed to the highest quality standards.

Factory Service

Many vehicles have complex or extensive maintenance at intervals. We execute these maintenance procedures for any brand.

Torqqe is here for you. How can we help?

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When you have too much fun…


Rusty and Rigo completing a Porsche performance auto repair at Torqqe.
Dustin completing performance auto service at Torqqe.

No one likes when things break. But rest assured Torqqe is here to get you going again. Repairs are completed with the highest quality standards, using original equipment or original equipment parts, as you specify.

Jae completing performance auto repair at Torqqe.

More about how we serve you... From Diagnostics to Delivery

With multiple levels of quality assurance, we are confident that when a job is done, it is done right.

Torqqe provides quality parts from original equipment and after market providers. We work with you to understand your part provider preference.

The Torqqe crew consists of factory trained, ASE certified technicians, who are committed to life long learning and development.