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Torqqe can make your performance vision a reality.

We excel in delighting customers with modifications, simple to exceptional. You might begin with a basic upgrade like a coldair intake or partial exhaust system, or you might be ready for a full motor build, be it naturally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged. 

Tuning is part science and part art, but having the right education and training is essential to success. It’s not enough to just know software, you must actually understand what is going on with the entire vehicle.


From street cruising to track fun we can put together the tuning package to get more from your car.

How much horsepower can your passion fuel?

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Transform you vehicle.

From cold air intakes, to superchargers and turbos, Torqqe can help you get the most air into your engine. 

From headers to tips, and anything in between, Torqqe can make you fast and loud. 

Sometimes you just need more. From mild upgrades to monster horsepower, Torqqe builds to meet your goals.

Make sure to get all your power to the ground. Torqqe can setup your complex geometry.

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Tuning can be complicated but Torqqe Performance has the knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your car. Using our in house tuners and specialized partners we have what you need for your platform.

  • ECM only tunes
  • Stage 1, 2, and 3 packages custom designed for your vehicle
  • Simple tunes and hardware tweaks to maximize performance
  • Before and after measurement to get real results

How many horses are under the hood?

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Don’t guess, know.

Real data with Dynojet

The most recognized name in performance measurement and one of the only available to be regularly scheduled in Austin. Many race organizations only use DynoJet for performance classification.

Torqqe has a Dynojet 224 with Eddy Current Load. This is a 2 wheel dyno that has the ability to not only take regular horsepower measurements, but add simulated wind resistance and vehicle load giving a more accurate picture of real-world performance when tuning.

Torqqe has the latest Dynojet software. OBDII data and electronic data files are available for owners who really want to dig deep into the data. Torqqe also offers air:fuel sniffing at the tail pipe.

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Most frequent Dyno questions and answers

A dynamometer, also known as a “dyno”, is a device that measures force, torque or power. For chassis applications, a dynamometer is designed to create a load to duplicate various speeds and loads then calculate to display horsepower and torque. No tuning is done during a basic Dyno pull.

Just a Dyno, by itself, does not make your car go faster. The Dyno measures what your car does and can be used to help with modifications that enable your vehicle to produce more horsepower.

A tune, sometimes called a Dyno-tune, adjusts your vehicle’s engine control unit and makes adjustments to ignition, fuel, and other variables, to achieve the most possible horsepower and torque while maintaining an optimal air-fuel ratio. To do this we use our state-of-the-art dynamometer (dyno) to simulate actual driving conditions and match the settings in the computer (ECU) to the real world.

Many reasons…

Some race organizations require them to put your car in the correct class, or for pre-event inspection reasons.

Most people do a set of dyno pulls before adding modifications to their vehicle, and then do another set of pulls after modifying to see the increases achieved.

Or maybe do it just for fun and bragging rights with your friends.

We give the car a visual inspection first, then we check the fluid levels, to make sure that it is running correctly before doing the actual pulls. We have had cars get up to around 170 mph on the dyno so we also check the tires for condition and speed ratings before running them on the dyno.

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Torqqe Performance exists to serve passionate performance owners.
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